The Girls | Vero Beach Florida | Bailey Carly Lauren

Every year around Valentines Day, Bailey, Carly and I would make a date to do a photo session.  Those first few years, I was learning how to use my camera and I’ll admit, the end result was a little rough.  But, the three of us grew together in this tradition, me in photography and them, well, they just grew!  Sometimes it was just the two of them, other times a friend was included (Hi Lauren!).


Last year they went off to College, I retired and moved, lots of changes for us!  Happy to say that the tradition is living on.  Different town, different time of the year and hoping we can keep this tradition alive regardless of where paths may lead!

Lauren Bailey Carly
What ever it was, Bailey started it.

No session would be complete without the jumping on each other thing that they do. Every. Single. Time.