Skyla | She’s FIVE and Kindergarten!

This is a big birthday for Skyla, she turned 5 in July and TODAY she started Kindergarten.  When Skyla was born five years ago I had a “Year of Skyla”  photo session .  Each month we got together and photographed her progress.  Once she turned one we got together twice a year until I moved away!  It’s been about two years since our last session so I was excited to spend some time with her, Mom and Dad, Grandma, Kai and Wingy Kittybear!  It sure was hot out but we had fun none the less!

When she was eight months old, quick thinking Dad pulled out the number 8 from the play rug in her bedroom.  We sat her at the edge of the hallway (where the light is amazing) and snapped away. We re-enacted it using the number five.   

When we got the Parasols out she wanted to know if she could make silly faces.  Yes you can Skyla!

Skyla loves her dresses and can do anything she wants in them!

Hello Wingy Kittybear!


Have a wonderful year Skyla, it’s going to be great!