YSA Turns 10!

It’s one of those “hard to believe” events! Ysa turned 10 this year! While she was here we did a fun session to celebrate her double digits at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

Ysa plays the cello, has a great singing voice, plus, she’s an excellent artist. She spends all of her free time drawing and being creative, can’t count the number of sketch book she’s filled. At any given time she breaks out in to some crazy dance, which cracks us up! Her comedic timing is on point. When we least expect it she says something hysterical. And mostly we’re laughing so hard we can’t remember what she said or why she said it!

Fun fact, her favorite color is aqua. During our annual shopping trip I made her go to the shoe store to find a funky pair of shoes. While she was rolling her eyes and dragging her feet, she found a pair of Aqua Converse. Score! There was one happy girl, who wore those shoes right out of the store!

Keep being you, Ysa- fierce, strong and the totally cool girl you are!