Greece, our Odyssey – it’s happening!

What a weird few years it’s been, right? We’ve been waiting since August of 2020 to take this once in a lifetime trip to Greece. We were optimistic that by October of 2021 Covid would be behind us. Then some pesky variants turned up, we pushed it out to April 2022. Then more pesky variants. In January we decided it would be better to rechedule to October of 2022. So here we are, about 50 days away from hopping on the plane to an experience of a lifetime! To view our itinerary click here: Odyessys Unlimited.

Who are we? Four friends from high school who found each other living in different parts of Florida. We thought it would be a good idea to meet in Orlando one weekend and do a 40 years catch up! That one weekend turned in to about 6 years of get togethers. As it happens, priorities change and our visits became hit and miss, but we always stayed connected. (thanks Facebook).

A picture from one of our first get together 2010. Left to Right: Mary Ellen ~ Carol ~ Nancy ~ Gretchen

In case you’re wondering, Cardboard Julie will be traveling along as well. Can’t leave home without her, she’s always up for a good time.

Stay tuned!