senior 2016……….Hannah

Meet Hannah, a member of the Vero Beach HS class of 2016. WHOOP! I have known Hannah since she was a little girl.  Always with a mop of beautiful blond curly hair and full of sass.  Hannah is one of those people you want to be around, her positive energy and engaging personality shine, you just feel good being around her!

She cares very much for the world around her, which is evident by her involvement with St Baldrick’s Foundation, an organization that raises funds and awareness to support a cure for Childhood Cancer.  If you have not heard about a St. Baldrick’s event, take a moment to learn about the great work they do. During an event in March, Hannah accepted a dare to shave her head, raising about $2000.00 from the crowd in 15 minutes!  It was her birthday weekend and she had asked me to do a session with her 3 best friends. After the head shaving I asked her if she still wanted to do the session, she said “YES, of course!”

Hannah has chosen to pursue a career in Medicine after graduation.  Her top choices for college are The University of Alabama School of Nursing , to which she has already been accepted, and Texas Christian University in Ft Worth, TX.  Whichever school she chooses, they will be lucky to have her.

Stay sassy Hannah.


Hannah 1




delray beach photoshoot……….Stephanie and Sienna

After three weekends of rain rain and MORE rain,  Stephanie, her cohort in great adventures, Sienna and I finally were able get this photo-shoot done! It could not have been a nicer day.  We met early in order to replicate the Abbey Road shot and after a few tries we nailed it!  We strolled through Pineapple Grove stopping now and then to take few shots and ending our morning at Artists Alley.

Stephanie is an amazing Mom, Yoga instructor, Surfer, an avid Crossfitter, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t even know she does but am not surprised she does them. She also loves to use lots of exclamations points!!!!!!!  Sienna is a sweet and precocious young lady who excels at Handstands, Cartwheels, and has lots of great ideas.

Thanks, Mother Nature for cooperating!







massively huge……….bubbles

DSC_4292Have you ever heard any one not liking bubbles?  I mean really, have you?

Last fall when I was at Dam Square in Amsterdam, some street entertainers were making huge bubbles with a wand made from wooden dowels and string.  They were amazing!  I needed to know how to make one.

Well, of course I went to Pinterest and found the instructions there.

Over the July 4th, we spent most of our time making bubbles.  There is a real knack to it, but once you get a rhythm the results are astounding!


DSC_4011 DSC_3998 DSC_3994



it’s all about (you)……….Susie

I put out a model request on Facebook and Susie contacted me right away.  Susie said she wanted to take this time in her life to focus on herself and feel good about who she is right now and memorialize with a photography session.   The plan initially was to meet at Sunrise on the Beach with her Paddle board. Mother nature decided it was going to be cold, dreary,windy and seas too rough to Paddle board. The weather on Sunday was forecast to rain all day. (of course it didn’t) So, we made the most of the afternoon with the hopes some sunshine would come through. During our session I ask Susie if she would mind letting me use a technique from a course I had taken.  I prompted her with a letter and asked her, without thinking, to come up with a word that described her.  It was pretty funny, which is indicated by the smiling and laughing!

One thing we did appreciate,  the fantastic Sand Facials facilitated by the blowing winds!









I’ve captured many people, places and things this year and here are my favorites:

DSC_6433Had the pleasure of photographing sweet Skyla for a whole year


Venice – what better spot to steal a kiss (and take a picture of it)?

DSC_4060Because it was so spontaneous and exemplifies how much fun they are

Holland-2321It’s Amsterdam after all

DSC_7169Henry out of clear blue really wanted to hold that Alligator!

DSC_7324Miss Carys, who was three going on 23.

DSC_5584My girls

DSC_7529A visit to Florida after a long winter in Minnesota and a purchase of the most awesome earrings.

round 3-3515I love these two!

Venice -1198GondolaDSC_4704

Carys with PopPop on a cold Chicago Day